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T-Shirts with A Purpose

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T-shirts with a Purpose.  Our t-shirts tell a story or make a statement!

Loving Tweets makes designs with inspiring messages.  The t-shirts are messages about love, kindness, encouragement and inspiration.  (At times I also  encourage specific causes)

Love is the greatest miracle that is expressed in many different ways.  Love messages are not enough to completely express or show how you feel, but serve as a reminder that you are loved, appreciated, and cherished.

Many years ago, I was inspired at a seminar given by Mariam Wingo Davis on “Reaching for the Stars.”  Mariam helped change my life, and inspired me to want to help motivate others to believe in themselves.  Mariam does not know the impact she had on me and we probably don’t realize the impact our words of encouragement have on others – even years later.  Thank you Mariam.    

The song What The World Needs Now written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David in 1965 is one of my favorites.  Loving Tweets is the result of an awakening - sharing loving and inspiring messages simply by wearing a t-shirt. 

Encourage others with love, kindness, and hope with a Loving Tweets t-shirt. I pray you will be Blessed as you Bless others.   I decided to name the company Loving Tweets which conveys my message to you.  You are loved.

If you want to make a “statement” of love, hope, joy – please let me know and we will be happy to work on a design for you so you can tell your story or make a statement for good.