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12 Words That Inspire


Loving Tweets is a very personal project for me, which grew out of my desire as a retired Deputy Commander or Executive Officer, to revitalize my life’s purpose and genuine passion. I took many turns, chasing the BIG SHIFTS to discover what I wanted to experience, now that I was retired. I wanted to live out my retirement confidently and comfortably. I wanted a genuine feeling of wellbeing and happiness.

What I've learned is that genuine well being and being happy doesn't come from chasing the shifts. It comes from allowing ourselves to feel, in one breath, the energy of happiness through our words.

When I began to use words that empowered me they ultimately made me happier. If we chose wisely, the words we speak could almost instantly make us feel happier at any given time. Allow me to share.

Take a look at the words listed below. Read them, then close your eyes and say the words repeatedly in your mind. Don’t stop until you feel a SHIFT in how you feel.

Great…                                                                             Amazing…Strong…                                                                           Loved…Beautiful...                                                                      Enough…Joy…                                                                                 Supported... Potential…                                                                       Awesome... Powerful...                                                                      Whole... 

If you did the exercise above, you will see that these 12 words cause a shift in how you feel. You will start to think about good, positive things associated with those words. You start to picture yourself enjoying the benefits of either being or having what these words project. There are many more words that can have this effect but this is a simple way to jump start your happiness right now.

Making ourselves and others happier is a skill we can all practice and improve. It works, even if you’ve never uttered a positive word before reading this post. Our efforts at Loving tweets are aimed at helping you feel happier and inspired which leads to you helping others feel their happiest with powerful positive energy filled words.

In the spirit of sharing, tag or send this post to someone you could share this with right now that help them feel happier reading it. Give it a try.

Plus, if you’re feeling motivated to inspire even more, try one of our inspirational products below and send them a gift along with these powerful words. Make people happier today.


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