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Returning to Love

It’s interesting how the last week of the year turns into a time of reflection and redefining what causes us to think upon past moments and anticipate new ones

One way of finding that balance in that week of reflection is focusing on the one core value – love. There is nothing greater than love. Each person can become a miracle worker for themselves and others by accepting the call to love and by the expression of that very love in our daily lives.

There is great beauty in focusing on giving love and paying attention to our inner light. We must grow to learn that our light needs to shine continuously for balance and abundance.

How are you shining your light this New Year? What things do you want to do differently to stay balanced and in perfect flow with love? Has God given you inspiration to spread and share His message of wholeness and healing? How will you deliver this message efficiently to others without burning yourself out?

There are deliberate ways to return to love when things get tough. There are ways to remind others of love when troubles start to rise. There are ways to share your light with others that can cause healing within the soul.

We can share our light and spread the message of love visually also.

I  started “Loving Tweets”  to encourage and inspire others with designs with Bible verses, positive quotes, sayings, or just one word on t-shirts.  (See my apparel collection of clothing that express who you are with catchy statements that make others smile)

I expanded and added designs to pillows, wall art, mugs and even mouse pads which are daily reminders of love and encouragement that displays the exact emotions you feel within your heart.

My prayer for you is to live abundantly through the workings of the spirit and return to love daily to uplift the heart. Love is the ultimate path to a glorious life.

“And now abide in faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”  1 Corinthians 13:13

Live in Love


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