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Will you Journey with me?

 Will you Journey with Me?  There are many ways to share what I call “loving tweets.”  Would you accept a challenge to be intentional to give 3 “loving tweets” a day to a stranger? It could be the person at the check-out counter, or the gas attendant, the bank clerk, you get the picture.  We never know what the other person is going through. If we can bring a smile to their face -- that could be a “loving tweet”   because it shows we care.  There are many ways to show we care to our family and friends also. THEN if you would like -- share your experience with me and how it made you feel.

Did their eyes sparkle or did your eyes sparkle? 

Of course I hope you buy my blankets, hoodies and hats and when you do let me how you like them. I hope you enjoy the journey with me. 

Love is kind
Love is gentle
Love is pretty
Love is sharing
Love is forgiving
Love is showing kindness
Love is laughing together
Love is compassionate
Love Remains
Love conquers
We can spread love
1 Kindness at a time
1 Smile at a time
1 Hug at a time

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